Ignoring pom repositories

I am having a problem getting gradle to resolve a jar which has a pom that explicitly references a repository that is currently down. An example being http://repo.jenkins-ci.org/releases/org/jenkins-ci/version-number/1.0/version-number-1.0.pom, it references maven.glassfish.org which is currently down and even though the artifact is in repo.jenkins-ci.org gradle does not resolve the jar. Is there a way to either ignore the repository listed in that pom or have gradle consider all of the configured repositories while resolving that jar? In maven this looks like it can be accomplished by adding a mirror to the local settings.xml file but I dont see the equivalent support in gradle.

Can you provide the error message and a stack trace? Are you referencing maven.glassfish.org directly in your build file?

I used to believe that Gradle ignores any repositories declared in POMs (see GRADLE-611 ).

My builds were just taking forever tying to contact maven.glassfish.org, but I took another look at my project and I was using a plugin that was automatically adding the glassfish repository without my knowledge. Once I removed that repository the build started working fine.