IdeaCompilerOutput.getOutputDir() is null

Hello, I am using the Gradle tooling API from Java to run Gradle and I need to use the model to get access to the various modules, their dependencies (and scopes), source, and output directories.

I am attempting to use the Idea Tooling model and this appears to have most of what I would like access:

try (ProjectConnection connection = gradleConnector.connect()) {

   GradleProject gradleProject = connection.model(GradleProject.class).get();
   IdeaProject ideaProject = connection.model(IdeaProject.class).get();

I have some code that is mapping an IdeaDependency into a List<Path> that represents the transitive dependencies and I need to include the output class directory in that list. I am doing the following:

        IdeaModule dependencyModule = null;
        if (dependency instanceof IdeaModuleDependency) {
            String moduleName = ((IdeaModuleDependency) dependency).getTargetModuleName();
            dependencyModule = findModule(rootProject, moduleName);
        } else if (dependency instanceof BackwardsCompatibleIdeaModuleDependency) {
            dependencyModule = ((BackwardsCompatibleIdeaModuleDependency) dependency).getDependencyModule();

        File outputDirectory = dependencyModule.getCompilerOutput().getOutputDir();
        if (outputDirectory != null) {

And my problem is that the IdeaCompilerOut.getOutputDir() is null and the getInheritOutputDirs() is false.

I imagine I am just doing something incorrectly here and looking for some guideance.