IDEA plugin isn't downloading sources when mavenLocal() is used

I am trying to get downloading of sources to work with a multimodule project. Using the following entry gives me the correct IDEA-Project, except sources and javadoc aren’t being downloaded. Any idea why this doesn’t work?


allprojects {
    apply plugin: 'maven'
    apply plugin: 'idea'
      idea {
        module {
            downloadJavadoc = true
            downloadSources = true

And my repo-config:

repositories {
        mavenRepo url: ""
        mavenRepo url: ""
        mavenRepo url: ""
        mavenRepo url: ""
      configurations {
        all*.exclude module: 'commons-logging'

So you don’t get dependency sources in the IDE? Which exact steps are you taking?

The steps are: gradle build (just to make sure the project builds) gradle idea Then open idea and open existing project (I am NOT using the builtin Idea-Gradle-support). I can only jump into sources of libs that already are i my local Maven-Repo. No additional sources are being downloaded.

Usually this works fine. My best guess is that the problem is related to ‘mavenLocal()’. Why do you declare that repository?

Dang, here we go. After removing mavenLocal() half of the internet started flowing onto my disk :slight_smile: Now I got my sources. I was just hoping to keep as many of my dependencies as possible in one place.

Looks like I will have to live with that. Could be worse.

Thanks for the help!

I recommend to avoid ‘mavenLocal()’ because there are known issues with it. I’ve created GRADLE-2832 to track this one.

I guess I’ll just avoid it for the future :slight_smile: