Idea plugin don't generate dependencies properly

I think there is issue with ‘idea’ plugin and dependency tracking. Full project that reproduces the issue can be found here

============ build.gradle ============== plugins {

id ‘java’

id ‘war’

id ‘idea’ }

repositories {

flatDir {

dirs ‘lib’

} }

configurations {




dependencies {

compile name:“compile”

runtime name:“runtime”

providedCompile name:“providedCompile”

providedRuntime name:“providedRuntime”

sampleCompile name:“sampleCompile”

sampleRuntime name:“sampleRuntime” }

idea {

module {

scopes.PROVIDED.minus += [configurations.providedCompile, configurations.providedRuntime] += [configurations.sampleRuntime, configurations.providedRuntime] += [configurations.sampleCompile, configurations.providedCompile]

} } task wrapper(type: Wrapper) {

gradleVersion = ‘2.3’ } =========================================================

As a quick summary - idea.module.scopes let the dependencies to be added and removed from particular Idea scopes but it don’t let them be moved. In the sample I would like the standard ‘war’ plugin configurations providedRuntime & providedCompile to be moved from scopes.PROVIDED to scopes.RUNTIME & scopes.COMPILE respectivelly but they don’t appear in the target iml at all - they are lost.