Id("") version "1.5.0"

Is there a special gradle plugin to support toolchains, I do see chatgpt says… but don’t see any as it fails to download…

if it exists can pl. point me to exact plugin location not the description of toolchain

Why not? As mentioned in your other thread about it, the docs give you the exact plugin to use to enable auto-provisioning for toolchains with Gradle 8.

ChatGPT of course is no help. Its data base is more than 2 years old which is ages in computer terms and especially with a rapidly evolving thing like Gradle. Also ChatGPT is good in providing answers that look correct, but not in providing answers that are correct, especially when it comes to programming as he also likes to call methods on APIs that never existed and so on. ChatGPT is only useful for things you could actually do yourself but are too lazy (the good lazy, not the bad one), as you need to understand the non-sense it produces and fix it to do what you actually intended. ChatGPT answers are also not banned without reasons for example from StackOverflow.


As per this I tried

java {
    toolchain {

but download of jdk 19 not happening on me testing on windows, did not try linux.

Scroll down on the page you gave until you are at the heading “Auto-provisioning”. :wink: