Iajc task not doing compile-time weaving with Gradle 4+

We have some home-built Aspects in our test code that we compile using ant.iajc as the last step in the compile step for out test classes. This was working with Gradle 3.4.1, but stopped working after an upgrade to Gradle 4+. Nothing in the definition of the task changed, and I’ve made sure we are using the same version of aspejctjtools. I can see some (expected) warnings in the compile task output that indicate the ant:iajc is being invoked. The debug output also shows similar things for both builds.

I’m not too familiar with Aspects and ajc so admit to not really knowing what signs to look for here, but
is there anything in particular about Gradle 4+ that would have changed the behavior of ant.iajc? Has anyone else seen this problem or know how to fix it?


The first thing that comes to mind is that Gradle 4.0 changed the location of classes in the build directory. If your iajc configurations depended on the classes being in the pre-4.0 location, you’ll need to update that location.

Brilliant! That was it. Thanks!