I need assistance with this question i asked on Stackoverflow.com: http://stackoverflow.com/q/21001232/427763

I asked a question on Stackoverflow.com and i need assistance. If i need to repost the question here, let me know. Otherwise, please answer the question on Stackoverflow.com. It already has a couple answers that have not worked. Thanks

There are some misconceptions here. You can’t include ‘":"’ or ‘’…:libraries:library1’’, nor can you depend on ‘project(’:…:library3’)’. (Note that these are logical paths, not physical paths.) Also, one Gradle build can only have a single ‘settings.gradle’.

I recommend you first take some time to study the “multi-project builds” chapter in the Gradle User Guide, and the multi-project build samples in the full Gradle distribution (see the ‘samples’ directory). If that still leaves you with some concrete questions, we are happy to answer them.

I actually just ran across that section in the guide. I am already setting it up and attempting some testing. Thanks, will let you know the results.

In addition to the “multi-project builds” (chapter 56) I would suggest reading “The build lifecycle” (chapter 55) as it will explain settings.gradle