I don't want an artifact renamed on upload to nexus

I’m newish to gradle bout a year.
I’m solid at ant and done a bit of maven, using gradle 1.1

I have a block in my gradle script that does the following upload.
But i’m frustrated in that I cannot work out how to control the name of the war.
So the war would be OtaWS.war but gets uploaded as OtaWS-v1.0.3.war, I don’t want this.
I want it all to get nicely uploaded to a version’d location in nexus, as it does, but keep the war the same.

Any advice for a very frustrated developer.

	if(apiRelease=='no') {
		project.apiVersion = project.apiVersion + "-" + branch + '-SNAPSHOT'
			url nexusServer+"/nexus/content/repositories/${project.apiVersion.endsWith('-SNAPSHOT') ? 'snapshots' : 'releases'}"
				username nexusUser
				password nexusPassword
				version project.apiVersion