I am new to gradle,I have a build log which was generated by using makefile and now by using that buildlog we are converting makefile into gradle but when i am building the gradle file i was unable to generate ".sm" file

The below is the build log for the make file build:

ldppc -X -defsym start_address=0x300
-defsym section_size=0x100
-defsym data_size=0x100
-T \workdir/bin/app.lds
-Map app.map -e
0xffffffff -o app.sm

This is conversion of build log to gradle file:

commandLine ld, “-X”,
"-defsym", “start_address=0x300”,
"-defsym", “section_size=0x100”,
"-defsym", “data_size=0x100”,
"-T", ldspath + “/app.lds”,
"-Map", Paths.get (path, “app.map”).getAbsolutePath (),
"-e", “0xffffffff”,
"-o", Paths.get (path,“app.sm”).getAbsolutePath (),
Paths.get (path,“app.pm”).getAbsolutePath ()

I was unable to generate app.sm by using above gradle script.kindly help me.