Howto run a test that doesn't use a test framework

My gradle project already generates two libraries from and idl, and junit unit tests, and compiles some need c++ code. But I’d like to add a integration/verification test that does NOT use a test framework. It is supplied an xml scenario file as a command line parameter and the system.exit status will be non zero on failure.

I’d still like to use the java plugin so that all of the project class path / compile settings are organized and easy vs using the Exec task and needing to put every java build parameter in an args list.

Is this possible? I can’t seem to figure out how to get a test task I setup to see my main and run it.

You could probably just use a JavaExec task in this case.

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Ah, the obvious is usually the easiest. That is exactly what I needed. Thanks! Don’t know why I went strait to Exec.

for others that are interested, these are the pertient areas I added to my build.gradle

configurations {
   // needed to pass dependencies to the verifyTests sourceSet
sourceSets {
   main {
      java {
         srcDir 'generated'
         srcDir 'src'
      resources.srcDir 'resources'
   test { 
      java.srcDir 'test' 
      resources.srcDir 'resources'
   verifyTests { 
      java.srcDir 'verificationTests/driver' 
      resources.srcDir 'resources'
      compileClasspath += sourceSets.main.output + configurations.compileVerify

dependencies { 
   compileVerify name: 'log4j-api-2.3'
   compileVerify name: 'log4j-core-2.3'
   compileVerify name: 'log4j-slf4j-impl-2.3'
   compileVerify name: 'slf4j-api-1.7.12'
   compileVerify name: 'slf4j-ext-1.7.12'

// in the verificationTests directory, find all the xml files to process
fileTree(new File(project.rootDir, "verificationTests")).matching{ include '*.xml' }.each { File file ->
    // we know this is a .xml file from the filter above, so get the filename without those last 4 
        // characters, to give the task a reasonable task name
    String fullFileName = file
    String fileNameSimple = fullFileName.substring(fullFileName.lastIndexOf('/')+1,fullFileName.length()-4)

    //create the dynamic task
    task "testVerify$fileNameSimple"(type: JavaExec){
       File scenarioFile = file
       inputs.file new File(project.rootDir, 'driver/');

       main = "Driver"
       args = [ scenarioFile.toString()]
       classpath = sourceSets.main.runtimeClasspath + sourceSets.verifyTests.runtimeClasspath + configurations.compileVerify
       // run everytime called
       outputs.upToDateWhen { false }