How to workaround webdav protocol using gradle m8?

(christophe armarolli) #1

How can I do the same thing as this code do (with gradle m3) using gradle m8?

uploadArchives {

repositories {

deployer = mavenDeployer {

configureAuth = {

authentication(userName: “username”, password: “password”)


configuration = configurations.deployerJars

snapshotRepository(url: “dav:”, configureAuth)

repository(url: “dav:”, configureAuth)



(Adam Murdoch) #2

What’s the failure that you’re seeing? Do you have a stack trace for the failure? (you can get this by running gradle with the -s command-line option).

(david koch) #3

Hello, I also try to upload with ‘Gradle 1.0-milestone-8a’ with webdav to artifactory. This is my config which worked with an earlier version of gradle.




uploadArchives {

repositories {


authentication = {

authentication(userName: ‘buildbot’, password: ‘buildbot’)


configuration = configurations.upload


snapshotRepository(url: ‘dav:http://…/artifactory/snapshot’, authentication)

repository(url: ‘dav:http://…/artifactory/release’, authentication)




dependencies {

upload group: ‘org.apache.maven.wagon’, name: ‘wagon-webdav-jackrabbit’, version: ‘1.0-beta-6’


This is the output I get when invoking gradle uploadArchives:

  • What went wrong:

Execution failed for task ‘:myProject:uploadArchives’.

Could not publish configuration ‘:myProject:archives’.

Error deploying artifact ‘myOrg:myProject:jar’: Error retrieving previous build number for artifact ‘myOrg:myProject:jar’:

repository metadata for: ‘snapshot myOrg:myProject:1.0.0.SNAPSHOT’ could not be

retrieved from repository: remote due to an error: Unsupported Protocol: ‘dav’: Cannot find wagon which supports the re

quested protocol: dav