How to use “sourceSets.main.jni.srcDirs = []” in gradle experimental

(Walter) #1

in my gradle-build I have this istruction:

sourceSets.main.jni.srcDirs = []

but I need to migrate to gradle experimental (to be able to use breakpoints to debug native source), is there possible to use it in some way in gradle-experimental?

Thank you

(René Groeschke) #2


can you explain what you mean with gradle-experimental?


(Walter) #3

I mean that:
thank you

(Nandita Suri) #4

Any solution to this question. I have similar issue. I am trying to use gradle experimental plugin so that i can set breakpoints in native code.
My existing gradle build file has following lines:

sourceSets {
main {
assets.srcDirs = [‘src/main/assets’, ‘ovpnlibs/assets’]
jniLibs.srcDirs = [‘ovpnlibs/jniLibs’]
jni.srcDirs = [] //disable automatic ndk-build

How to use the same when using
android.sourceSets {

when i use the above, it thrown an error.

Can you please help me out ?

(Liam Li) #5

sources {
    main {
        jniLibs {
            source {
                srcDirs += “libs”