How to use --include-build with "ext:war" dependency

In project A I have dependency from project B declared like this:

mycustomConfig group: 'myGroup', name: 'myModule', version: "${myVersion}", ext: 'war'

myModule in project B has plugin war applied

when build project A with --include-build /path/to/projectB I get

Execution failed for task '...''.
> Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration '..:mycustomConfig'.
   > Could not find myModule.war ( 'myGroup:myModule:myVersion').

when i change dependencies in project A to:

mycustomConfig group: 'myGroup', name: 'myModule', version: "${myVersion}"

build succeeds, but it’s not what i want.

Is it possible to use war artifact with --include-build feature?

Hi Marcin,

this is currently not possible, but on our agenda.