How to use Gradle to download artifacts in a script?

I’m finally posting here after some research without any findings.

In my deployment script, I’d like to use gradle to download intended artifacts. It could be something like gradle downloadArtifact "groupId:artifactId:version" and the corresponding build.gradle could have repository settings. I’m not sure if such usage is recommended or possible but I really like Gradle’s task management side and I’m just trying to experiment with Gradle while learning it.

Any suggestions?

You can create configurations with dependencies that can then be resolved (download the artifacts).

configurations {
dependencies {
    myDownloads 'groupId:artifactId:version'
task processMyDownloads {
    inputs.files configurations.myDownloads
    doLast {
        // do work
        println configurations.myDownloads.join( '\n' )
        configurations.myDownloads.each { downloadedFile ->
            // do something with the File downloadedFile
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