How to use gradle in parallel jenkins pipeline steps

(Niklas Walter) #1

We are trying to setup a jenkins pipeline with the new jenkins 2.0 pipeline stuff.
When executing gradle builds in sequential steps its no problem.
When executing multiple gradle builds in parallel steps the build get stuck most times.

We tried this with gradle 2.14 and the latest gradle 3.0 build, with both we are not able to complete the build successfully with parallel steps.

So my question is: Is it possible to run multiple gradle builds parallel on the same multi-project workspace?
At the moment it does not look like

(Nikolay Nachev) #2

Hi @nwalter, as far as I know there isn’t a way to execute few build parallel from the same folder. It makes also no sense in my opinion.
We also use Jenkins for a deployment pipeline and we copy each build project to a separate folder and then start the build within this folder. It is also possible to copy the same project couple of times for different builds. The GRADLE_USER_HOME variable is also set to this folder.