How to use eclipseWtp plugin and setup a javascript facet

I recently figured out that if you add the javascript facet to your eclipse java project you get things like save actions and type ahead in your javascript editor.

So currently I have some eclipse config in my build.gradle. I added the following to my eclipse config…

wtp {
        facet {
            facet name: 'wst.jsdt.web', version: '1.0'

When I open up the properties for my project in eclipse I can see that the javascript facet is enabled, but when I look to see the javascript resources there is nothing there. This means the save actions dont work. I’m comparing this to when I enable the javascript facet manually. Manually adding the facet creates this other file in the .settings folder called .jsdrscope. Even if I leave that file there gradlew eclipse command doesn’t seem to know about it.

Any ideas on what else I would have to do for this to start working?