How to specify repository where snapshots have different URL

(Steve Cohen) #1

I have previously built a special version of the redline-rpm jar and relied on deploying it to mavenLocal(). This has a SNAPSHOT version. When other projects want to fetch this dependency it is found just fine in mavenLocal(). But now I want to deploy same to internal nexus. There are different URLs in the Internal nexus for snapshots and non-snapshot releases. How do I specify this repository so that both snapshots and non-snapshot URLs are scanned?

(Francois Ritaly) #2

I would create a virtual repository in Nexus which aggregates the snapshot and release repositories then point my build to this virtual repo.

(Steve Cohen) #3

Sounds like a nice idea but I have no idea how to do it, and I’m guessing it’s not allowed in my corporate nexus. Can you direct me at some documentation?

(Francois Ritaly) #4

Actually the correct wording is “group repository” (virtual repository is the Artifactory wording).

Please check this documentation chapter: 6.3. Managing Repository Groups

Your Nexus admin will have to create a group repository and add your snapshot and release repositories to it. In your build, you just point to the group repository’s url