How to specify assembler.executable in 2.5+?


I have a build script which works in 1.12:

toolChains {
	crossCompiler(Gcc) {
		assembler.executable = 'yasm'

but it doesn’t work in 2.5+, showing the following error message:

   * What went wrong:
   A problem occurred configuring root project 'aes'.
   > Exception thrown while executing model rule: model.toolChains
      > Could not find property 'assembler' on Tool chain 'crossCompiler' (GNU GCC).

Any help here?

Thank you in advance,

If you put the crosscompiler block inside of eachPlatform {} block does that help? I am able to set it for current nightly.

Hi Ante,

it does really help :smile: (yasm command gets invoked!)

Thank you very much,