How to share source code between projects?

(getsatisfaction) #1

Hi there,

I have 3 projects: shared1, shared2, app1 and app2.

Now when I build them, I get 4 individual JARs. But I want app1 and app2 (which both depend on shared1 and shared2) to work standalone.

I know that I could merge the JAR files, but seems fragile. I’d rather somehow have Gradle build app1 by using the source directories of shared1, shared2 and app1.

How do I make that work?

Regards Stephan

(Luke Daley) #2

You’ll need to configure the source sets of the projects to also point to the extra dirs.

You’ll also need to make sure both projects have the correct dependencies.

(getsatisfaction) #3

Thanks, Luke. Lightning fast reply.

This is my directory layout:

  |--- app1
  |--- app2
      |--- shared1
      |--- shared2

I then tried to define the sourceSets:

sourceSets {
        main {
            java {
                srcDir 'src/main/java'
                srcDir '${rootProject.projectDir}/modules/shared1/src/main/java'
                srcDir '${rootProject.projectDir}/modules/shared2/src/main/java'

The problem was that when I created an IDEA project it didn’t really work, since IntelliJ was saying the source directory was “outside of the content root”.

So could I somehow just keep the regular configuration for IDEA and only when I want to publish something, bundle the source directories?

Cheers Stephan

(Luke Daley) #4

Simplest way would be to then try and undo these changes in the IDEA model:

(getsatisfaction) #5

Thanks. I think I almost got it.

One problem now is that the generated POM of “app1” contains the dependency “shared1”, but I’d rather have it contain all dependencies of “shared1” directly (“flattened”).

I tried adding the project’s dependencies manually:

dependencies {
        compile project(":modules:shared1")
        compile project(":modules:shared1").configurations.compile

But this generates a StackOverflowError.

So how can I (recursively) add all dependencies of a project to another?

Regards Stephan

(Luke Daley) #6

I’m not sure if this will work, but try this:

configurations {
  compile.extendsFrom project(":modules:shared1").configurations.compile

(getsatisfaction) #7

StackOverflowError again :frowning:

(Luke Daley) #8

If you push an example project that tries to do what you want, I’ll take a look. Putting it up on GitHub would be the most convenient.

(getsatisfaction) #9

It’s under

Currently as a workaround I created a list of the dependencies (“libraries”) and added them manually. EDIT: And the source directories are also in a list (“moduleDirs”)