How to set up a multilevel project (3+ levels)

I am having troubles with seting up 3 levels multi project like this

├── Level_2_Proj_A
│   │ 
│   ├── Level_3_Proj_C
│   └── Level_3_Proj_D
├── Level_2_Proj_B
    ├── Level_3_Proj_E
    └── Level_3_Proj_F

I would like to be able to:

1. set up dependencies between projects on the same level, something like:

 dependencies {
     project('Level_2_Proj_A') {
         dependencies {
             implementation project('Level_2_Proj_B')

2. also want to be able to build (a subtree) starting bash command ($gradle build) from any level (build down the subtree)

I have achieved building from the middle and bottom levels, but I cannot setup the build from the top level

Getting error:
> A problem occurred evaluating project ‘Level_2_Proj_A’.
> Project with path ‘Level_3_Proj_C’ could not be found in project ‘Level_2_Proj_A’.

Is it possible? If so, how to configure?