How to set global gradle settings (gradle vm options) in intellij idea programmatically?

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I’ve met with the fact, that setting with encoding options for my project for gradle in build.gradle,, gradlew, gradlew.bat does nothing in Intellij Idea. When I run task from command line such

gradlew name_of_the_task

it runs ok and the encoding settings that I’ve set in gradlew.bat are implemented. But when I run build for the same task in Intellij Idea it seems that this setting is not set.

I’ve tried many variants to set the jvm property, and the only 3 ways helps me:

  1. the idea64.vmoptions file where i specified the -Dfile.encoding=utf8 or
  2. The help - edit custom vm options… with the same specification or
  3. File - settings - global gradle settings - gradle vm options.

In any of this cases project runs as it meant to run. Without that there is decoding problem. How can I set this param directly in project?

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(valerian ti) #3

Thank you for reply, BUT I’ve got even 2 values inside


and it doesn’t work. The chinese symbols are written in mojibake

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There’s no reason to do it twice. You only need the one I showed you.

Make sure you are not overriding those properties in IDEA. If you specify VM options in IDEA, they will replace anything you have in

(valerian ti) #5

Ok, I just deleted the second line and started clean and build for task. And, as expected, my chinese characters are ?? shown.
If I left only this line the
gradlew task_name
from command prompt is running properly. In idea the same param does nothing.
Could you please be so kind to tell me in what places I should search for another VM options in Idea? I suppose that there is no options but default. And I want to override any possible settings by mine, but with the ability to send this properties to git.

(valerian ti) #6

Stefan ? I cannot find where it overrides properties, tried almost everywhere. BTW there is spring boot in project if it helps somehow

Well, got it.
System.setProperty(“file.encoding”, “UTF-8”);
Field cs = Charset.class.getDeclaredField(“defaultCharset”);
cs.set(null, null);
This one works fine, don’t know why(

well, additional research comes to the fact, that we need to CREATE a separatre for our task and put the options with UTF-8 in it.
That’s all , folks!