How to running gradle task from sub project without verifying the upstreadm dependency?

How do I execute gradle task for sub project without validating the up stream dependency projects? We have OSGI project with 100s of sub project. Assume that, if I am modifying files in the sub-project which is 88th position and I know that my changes do not have any impact from upstream dependencies. I would like to run only the sub-project task without verifying the upstream. Due to this upstream dependencies, I have to wait at least 2 minutes to see my changes are okay to compile ;(

What exactly to you mean by “verifying upstream dependency”? The up-to-date checks on the tasks?

From Gradle’s perspective, there is nothing like a “position” of a project in a build. Execution dependencies are always between tasks, not between projects.

Thank you Peter, I am referring up-to-date check. The problem already solved from your answer from ideas,