How to run the example java multiproject

I downloaded Gradle 1.0m6. and built the java “multiproject” example using “gradle build”, but now what? Is there a simple way to run it to make sure it is working?

The documentation says:

Project api produces a JAR file which is shipped to the client to provide them a Java client for your XML webservice. Project webservice is a webapp which returns XML. Project shared contains code used both by api and webservice.

but does not give any instructions on how to use these build artifacts to create a working application.

The point of the example is to demonstrate how to configure multiproject build using gradle and get the build working. The documentation of the sample is just an example - the application does not do anything useful. The intent of the sample is to learn how to configure a multiproject build, how to inject configuration to subprojects, how to declare intra-project classpath dependencies.

Basically, using the project artifacts is out of scope of the example. If you want to test out the artifacts you probably need to put the war onto the application container that supports web services.

Hope that helps!

Thanks. What I was hoping for was a complete build, test, deploy, and run example. After some digging, I think I found what I wanted: a way to add a task that allows me to run a main class from the resulting jar. Something like this:

task runExample(type: JavaExec) {

classpath = sourceSets.main.runtimeClasspath

main = “com.becker.ui.sierpinski.SierpinskiApplet”