How to publish a plugin to Portal with custom dependencies?


I am trying to publish a shaded plugin to the Portal using the com.gradle.plugin-publish. I have managed to get the correct JAR uploaded, but the generated POM also contains runtime dependencies from what appears to be Gradle’s implementation configuration. Unfortunately, as a shaded plugin, the correct dependencies are actually described by the shadow configuration. The actual published dependencies are therefore currently unusable.

I have studied the publish-plugin's documentation, but cannot see anything there that might help me. I have also noticed that this plugin contains a withDependencies method, but this has been marked as deprecated with no obvious replacement.

Can anyone explain how I can customise the POM using the publish-plugin please? It seems very unlikely that I am the first person to have this problem, and so I’m guessing that there is a solution here.


I should probably add that I am using automatedPublishing = false here, and so it doesn’t seem unreasonable to want to customise the POM that the publish-plugin generates.