How to provide the index for jar files generated by gradle? (besides direct calls to ant.jar (index: true) )

Is there a way to directly provide the index for jar files generated by gradle (besides calling ant.jar (index: true) )? See and

Jar task does not have that capability at the moment (as of 1.0-milestone-7). Depending on priorities and demand we can schedule the implementation at some point. Fancy contributing? :slight_smile:

This quick and dirty workaround could serve as a basis for more comprehensive support:

jar << {
 configurations.archives.artifacts.each {
  def path = it.archiveTask.archivePath
  logger.lifecycle "indexing ${path}"
  ant.jar (update: true, index: true, destfile: path)

Davide Cavestro PS: I write with a different account cause the login with google account no longer works for me (I only get a blank page) UPDATE: consider we could also index contents from other jars ( ) provided that this makes sense for our use caseā€¦ it could be useful for jnlp/applets in order to achieve lazy downloading

JarIndex might make the performance worse: