How to provide integration tests to verify IDE support for Buildship

Hi everyone,

Is there any recommondation on how to perform integration tests with buildship features?

As a plugin author I would like to automatically verify compatibility for gradles eclipse plugin (which is quite simple using testkit) and buildship. Currently a plugin I’m writing works well as long as it is not instrumented using buildship. As I would like to provide a reproduceable and automatable test for the buildship team before filing a bug report I’d prefer to create some non-manual test first.

Is there any documentation I did miss while searching the forum and buildships developer documentation?


Hi Hagen,

Unfortunately, Gradle doesn’t have an extensive support for Eclipse plugins. In Buildship we use internal scripts to build and test the plugins. We haven’t turned these scripts to official plugins because they only do the minimum what’s required for the project.

For error reporting it’s all good if you provide a sample project that we can import into Eclipse. If you really want to automate the plugin tests, you can have a look at the following plugins:

You could create a pull request for Buildship with the test in it. See this one for inspiration.