How to produce lib folder and Eclipse .classpath config that would not requiring gradle installed to import

I am in this situation where I use Gradle to manage the configuration of some of my projects but the rest of the team does not use Gradle. So when I share my projects with others I have to provide them with a working eclipse project configuration.

The approach I am taking now is that I use a copy task to fill a folder with the lib dependencies and then I manually setup from eclipse’s GUI the project configuration.

Is there something more automated that I could do? I have looked at the eclipse plugin documentation section but haven’t found something that would work easily for this.

I thought using the XML manipulation functions to built it but seems to difficult for me to implement.

Thank you!

One possible way to solve this: change the dependencies definition in your project to either use some repository (default) or your local copied files. For example using some property to control what is used. Then you can run

gradle -PuseLocalLibs eclipse

to generate .classpath + .project files for Eclipse.