How to produce html cross-reference for all project's Java sources?

Is there an easy way to produce HTML cross-reference for all project’s Java sources? I think about something similar to [Maven JXR Plugin] (

I asked the same more than 1 year ago into the mailing list, with no response. Just hope in the meantime something arisen. Some years ago laso appeared something similar on



I’m not aware of anything like this that exists at this time.

Is JXR a standalone tool? Or is it coupled to Maven?

I’m not sure, but I guess it was born under maven project. However I’ve seen there’s ant task that maybe could be used from gradle…

This way we could obtain a great project documentation toolkit (beside asciidoctor-gradle plugin). You could link sources’ crossreference with the corresponding Javadoc

Contributions always welcome :slight_smile:

This would be a very welcome one indeed.

Ok, I’ll give it a look as soon as possible, in the meantime… here you are the core maven entry point Not so bad :slight_smile: Other info

@Luke I’m working on I just have to find the right way to automatically publish the jar to bintray in order to release a first minimal version.

Just released Take version 0.1 as a first proof of concept (to-do list plenty of tasks). Contributions welcome :wink: