How to pass java agent arguments?

Hi. This is a part of my build.grade

            jvmArgs "-javaagent:${configurations.quasar.iterator().next()}"


Quasar docs says:

if you still don’t understand why there are uninstrumented calls or
methods, you can also turn on the instrumentation traces, as well as
additional checks, by adding respectively the v, d and c arguments to the Java agent (the corresponding AOT instrumentation task options are verbose, debug and check
respectively). This will print thoroughly all the steps of Quasar’s
instrumentation process, including which methods calls are considered
suspendable (or aren’t, and why) and which are actually instrumented (or
aren’t, and why).

So what should I do now? I tried some options like
jvmArgs "-javaagent:${configurations.quasar.iterator().next()}, v, c ,d"
jvmArgs "-javaagent:${configurations.quasar.iterator().next()} -v -c -d"
but none worked.