How to integrate HoloEverywhere with gradle in an Android project?

Hey there,

first of all I’m a newbie to gradle as well as maven, ant, groovy etc. I’m just a simple Android developer who wants to build his apps with gradle in order to simplify builts for different targets (test, prod, ad-free, with-ad …) I already tried for 2 days now to integrate HoloEverywhere in an Android project. Unfortunately it is not listed in MavenCentral anymore so I had to add it manually. I created a whole new Gradle-Android-Application in IntellijIdea, added a folder called “subProjects” into the root fold of the main project. My settings.gradle looks like this:

include ‘:GradleDemo’ include ‘:subProjects:HoloEverywhere’

In my build.gradle I added:

dependencies {

compile project(’:subProjects:HoloEverywhere’) }

Is there any step-by-step-manual on how to integrate HoloEverywhere into an Android-Project built with gradle?

Many thanks Rob