How to import a gradle project into my Java IDE?

With Maven it was easy to model a project and import into IntelliJ or Eclipse; This simply required doing a Project->Import existing project and select the top level POM file; all sub-modules would be pulled into the IDE and as a developer you would be ready to go. Is this possible with Gradle?

We have seven top level projects, each of which are multi-module (multiple jars) and have the POM files such that a developer simply needs to import using the top level pom file and all dependencies are correctly pulled in with this method.

Before moving to Gradle we want to make sure there is no impact on productivity with this one area. It would take a developer an hour or more to setup an IDE project without this feature; please advise or share links on how this would be accomplished in Gradle.



Eclipse integration: Recent IDEA version have built-in Gradle support, although it’s still limited.

Alternatively, you can use Gradle’s own Eclipse/IDEA plugins that generate IDE files. Not as convenient, but quite powerful and customizable.