How to identify why dependencies task reports "FAILED" yet builds correctly

Hi All,

We have a large multi-project build that is reporting “FAILED” dependencies when running the dependencies task.

The dependency in question is hosted in a LAN accessible maven repo. Looking at the repo, it contains the jar and meta info that would be expected. In the IDE, the artifact resolves most of, but not all of the time. When running gradle at the command line, the dependency task always reports Failed in one particular project which is dependent on a number of other projects, through which this artifact comes as a transitive dependency. However, when the project is built, the dependency is correctly downloaded and placed into a lib folder as part of the build process.

The artifact in question is nearly identical to a dependency we have in a different part of the project (difference being one is signed, the other is unsigned), but they have different artifact IDs. They also do not interact on the classpath, and the actual built product works as expected.

What is the best way to determine the cause of this ‘FAILED’ error?

Dependencies and dependencyInsight task show the failure, but provide no additional info.