How to get the ordered eclipse classpath from the tooling api?

I’m looking at how to use the tooling api for an Eclipse project and I see how to get an EclipseProject instance with

EclipseProject eclipseProject = connection.getModel(EclipseProject.class);

The problem I see (or think I see) is how to get the classpath in the correct order. The EclipseProject model has a method, getClasspath(), to get the external dependencies and it inherits the getProjectDependencies() method. However if I have a setup like the following in my gradle file

compile project(':A')
compile 'org.example:foo:1.0.0'
compile project(':B')
compile 'org.example:bar:2.0.0'

I need to get a classpath that has the entires in the right order (Project A, then the foo jar, then project B and finally the bar jar). The current tooling API would seem to give me all 4 entries, but the order of entries is now lost. Am I overlooking something or is this not possible?