How to get sibbling project configuration


I am working with an multi-module project.

Here is my project tree :


  • build.gradle - mobile - - build.gradle - - src and other stuff - wear - - build.gradle - - src and other stuff

During the mobile build, I would like to retrieve properties of the wear project. Basically, I want to retrieve all the variants of the wear module when i build the mobile module.

Is there a way of retrieving a sibbling module configuration ?

Thanks you for the help.

Do you have a settings.gradle in your root app directory that includes mobile and wear? You can refer to other projects, but that can hurt/break decoupling.

See the chapter in the user guide

If your goal is to stay DRY (keep variant info in one place), could you inject it from the root build.gradle file? e.g.:

subprojects {
  // put your variant info here

mobile and wear would get configured from the same place, but you wouldn’t have to reach across to a ‘sibling’ project.