How to get plugin itself's version

I am trying to make a plugin aiming to cnfigure a project more simply. Therefore, I need to obtain a plugin’s version for setting.gradle, and use this version to configure other settings.

something like following in setting.gradle.kts

plugins {
    id("com.xxxx") version "1.1.0"

then I want to obtain this “1.1.0”, and apply it to other place which will use this version.


The easiest and safest way is to generate the version into a file at build time that you then can read at execution time.
For example a properties file with a placeholder that you fill using expand on the processResources task and maybe an accompanying class that reads and interprets the file.

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Oh, I see. Create a resource file before compile task, then using IO to read data from it. Classic! Though, I thought there may be some official ways to solve this, like org.springframework.boot did.

Thx, mate

There is no way I’m aware of to get the version of an applied plugin in a supported and convenient way, no.