How to fail the build on insufficient code coverage?

I am currently prototyping the migration from maven to gradle.

In the current maven projects, we are failing the build on insufficient test coverage.

I already use the jacoco plugin for gradle and I’m able to generate the report, but I don’t see how to fail the build.

For reference, in maven there is a specific plugin task named check for this purpose.

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You could try putting a dependency of the primary build task (build) on the jacoco task. So if ‘jacoco’ fails, then ‘build’ fails too.

The problem is that I have no access to the coverage values, the jacoco reports task is not failing.

If you look at the ant task there is an Element check that was not included in the jacoco gradle plugin.

The check element is currently not supported by the Jacoco plugin. Please also see GRADLE-2854 and GRADLE-2783. Please vote on the issue in JIRA to increase the likelihood of it getting implemented.

As a workaround you could have a task that parses the Jacoco report for these metrics and then fail the build if thresholds are not met.

Thanks for the answer, will do that :slight_smile:

Here’s one way of doing it:

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