How to disable pom file uploading to jfrog

I am using uploadArchives task in build.gradle file.
I am getting 409 conflict error for uploading pom file to jfrog repo. I found like this conflict error coming when I add any name(mydir) at the end of jfrog url
Ex: https://jfrog/artifactory/dev-local/mydir

But I am not getting pom conflict error if i remove mydir from url.

Please suggest to fix conflict issue.

Also, please suggest on how to disable pom upload or how to pass gradle command to disable for checking pom consistency for jfrog

I don’t know for certain, but if dev-local is a maven repository and mydir is not part of the module’s group ID, then it makes sense that the server may reject it. Maven repositories have a specific directory layout according to the module’s group, name, and version, so prefixing it with an extra directory probably isn’t a good idea.