How to debug JaCoCo gradle-plugin


I use JaCoCo when develop android apps.

I think the function excludes of JaCoCo might have a bug.

So I want to debug JaCoCo gradle-plugin.

I tried to debug by jacoco.cli as below.

But jacoco.cli doesn’t have a excludes option…

$ git clone
$ cd jacoco
$ mvn clean verify -DskipTests
$ java -jar ./org.jacoco.cli/target/org.jacoco.cli-0.8.9-SNAPSHOT-nodeps.jar report ./testDebugUnitTest.exec --classfiles ../../github/att/android-app/app/build/intermediates/javac/debug/classes --html "./jacoco-report" --name testReport --sourcefiles "../../github/att/android-app/app/src"

I asked the JaCoCo project, but I was told to contact gradle project.

How can I debug JaCoCo gradle-plugin?

Please tell me the way to debug JaCoCo gradle-plugin.

Thank you.