How to create a .war without the MANIFEST.MF file

I am trying to make a .war file without the MANIFEST.MF file. Actually, no, I’m trying to make a zip that includes the contents of a .war file without the manifest from the war being included. Here is what I am doing:

task myZip(type: Zip) {
   into ('innerwar') {

So, I’m trying to put the contents of the war task into the ‘innerwar’ directory in the zip file. This works great, but I cannot keep the from being put there too.

I’ve tried putting an exclude inside the into {} closure. I’ve tried putting an excludes in the war {} closure. As a matter of fact, this:

war {
   exclude "**"

Leads to everything BUT the being excluded. I’ve tried using manifest = null and metaInf { exclude “**” } in the war closure. Nothing works.

Anyone know how to make this happen?

after reading the source code for ‘Jar’ task (of which ‘War’ extends), It looks like it creates the Manifest regardless

//Snippet from Jar.groovy
Jar() {
        extension = DEFAULT_EXTENSION
        manifest = new DefaultManifest(getServices().get(FileResolver))
        // Add these as separate specs, so they are not affected by the changes to the main spec
        metaInf = rootSpec.addFirst().into('META-INF')
        metaInf.addChild().from {
            MapFileTree manifestSource = new MapFileTree(temporaryDirFactory)
            manifestSource.add('MANIFEST.MF') {OutputStream outstr ->
                Manifest manifest = getManifest() ?: new DefaultManifest(null) // this here doesn't give us any option
                manifest.writeTo(new OutputStreamWriter(outstr))
            return new FileTreeAdapter(manifestSource)
        mainSpec.eachFile { FileCopyDetails details ->
            if (details.path.equalsIgnoreCase('META-INF/MANIFEST.MF')) {

This would explain why ‘war { exclude “**” }’ does not work. Is this desired or does this need to be configurable also?

Correct me if this is not what you need or doesn’t do what you require:

task zippy (type: Zip, dependsOn: war) {
    from files(war.inputs) { FileCollection fc ->
        fc.filter {