How to configure gradle to use the PKCS11 provider to sign?

I am building an Android app bundle (.aab) from Android Studio. The auto-generated build.gradle file contains this signingConfig section initially:

        debug {
            storeFile file('/keystores/test_android.jks')
            storePassword 'something'
            keyAlias 'test_key'
            keyPassword 'something'

I have an hardware security module (HSM) which I use to protect my signing keys. In jarsigner, I can use it by calling the PKCS11 provider:

jarsigner -keystore NONE -storepass NONE -storetype PKCS11 -providerclass -providerarg "$HOME/pkcs11.conf" -sigalg SHA256withRSA /artifacts/somelib-runtime-4.0.4.jar my_protected_key

I tried modifing the signingConfigs section to something like:

        release {
            storeFile file("NONE")
            storePassword "NONE"
            storeType "PKCS11"
            providerName ""
            providerArg "keystores/pkcs11.conf"
            keyAlias "my_protected_key"

But I am getting below error when running gradle build.

Could not find method providerName() for arguments [] on SigningConfig$AgpDecorated_Decorated{name=release, storeFile=/Users/shenv/AndroidStudioProjects/MyApplication/app/NONE, storePassword=NONE, keyAlias=null, keyPassword=null, storeType=PKCS11, v1SigningEnabled=true, v2SigningEnabled=true, enableV1Signing=null, enableV2Signing=null, enableV3Signing=null, enableV4Signing=null} of type$AgpDecorated.

How to make it work?