How to change path to

I have different property files,
And use for default executions, but some time - I need to use different file. Gradle have command or arg for set path to custom gradle properties? How to solve it

You haven’t said why you need to use these various different properties files, but I suspect you should actually be using init-scripts for setting the various different properties which differ based on the environment in which you are running.

You are correct that there is no command-line option for a different properties file to read from, but there is a command-line option for using a different init-script.

Can you provide example with init script for change property location?
Because we have ~30 parameters in file.
I know about override -Pparam=… but it not useful for change a lot of properties.
I also know that it is possible to load the properties from custom file to script. But it’s just not convenient for us - Since I want to use all abilities gradle - out of the box.
Important for me:

  1. Immutable
  2. available from Extra Properties Extension
  3. Override from command line (with -P)
    Unfortunately - we not have ability to switch property files. If we have the opportunity using specific switches (for example --property-file), its will be cover my scenario