How to build release binaries for all sub projects

With a multi-project Gradle C++ environment, what is the proper command to build release binaries for all projects?

I have approximately 100 child projects. The targetMachines block for each project contains some combination of machines.linux.x86_64, machines.macOS.x86_64,, and, but they are not all the same.

On Windows, for example, depending on the configuration of targetMachines for a particular project, the task to build release binaries might be called assembleRelease or it might be called assembleReleaseWindows or it might be called assembleReleaseWindowsX86-64. If I run any one of those tasks I end up building only a subset of the binaries that are buildable on Windows.

Do I really have to type three task names to get all my release binaries built?

On the debug side, both tasks build and assemble are smart enough to give me what I want.

Have you tried assemble?

Yes, I have tried assemble. Like build, assemble builds debug binaries. Interestingly, assemble does cover all the variations of assembleDebug, assembleDebugWindows, assembleDebugWindowsX86-64. However, I am looking to build release binaries.