How to align settings plugin versions among multiple settings.gradle.kts


In many of our company’s applications we have a project structure that looks like the following:

├─ build-logic/
│  ├─ settings.gradle.kts
├─ settings.gradle.kts

In this case, we have 2 settings.gradle.kts files. Both of these require an internal settings plugin be applied to them in order to configure the company’s artifact repository among other configurations like build cache configuration.


The problem comes into play with the need to use the same plugin version for both of these settings.gradle.kts files.

For example, in build-logic/settings.gradle.kts we may want to define the plugin as:

plugins {
  id("com.example.settings") version "3.0.0"

And we have to do the same in /settings.gradle.kts:

plugins {
  id("com.example.settings") version "4.0.0"

But wait, one of those plugins is ahead of the other! My question is: how can we easily align the plugin versions to the same version - in this case version 4.0.0 since it would appear to be the latest version?