How gradle manages multiple jars with same snapshot version?

Hi Team,

I am in a fix. I am having a multi repo project. There is a project say lib-A which is uploaded to artifactory at version for example 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT. Now we have released lot of jars under same version to artifactory.

There are different projects(lib-B, lib-C, lib-D) which use this lib-A and they have been built and released using different jars of lib-A but with version 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT. lib-D was released with the latest released jar of lib-A

Now one of the main parent project is built which has dependencies of lib-B, lib-C and lib-D. This main project is released as a war. Now when we explode this war, we see that we don’t have the latest uploaded jar of lib-A and referring to some old jar.

How does gradle choose which jar to pick if it has to choose from multiple jar of same project and same snapshot version?

Note: In gradle compile, we are not providing time along with snapshot version. It’s just the snapshot version. eg compile ‘’