How do rename the ear file created by Gradle?

Hi, I have an ear file which is created by the following script:

apply plugin: ‘ear’

dependencies {

deploy project(’:rest-3rdparty-metadata’)

earlib project(’:billing-simulator’), ‘axis:axis:1.0’ }

ear {

deploymentDescriptor {

version = “5”

} }

The ear file generated is “rest-3rdparty-simulator-9.0.ear”.

Now i want to rename it to css-3rdparty-simulator.ear.i didn’t find in the gradle build by the previous name.

Can anybody give me some idea how can i rename the ear file and where can i make the changes.

Regards, Ananta

you can set the archiveName property of the ear task for this. The DSL reference at knows all the details.

How can I retrieve the ear name (created above) in some other task . Lets say I want to rename the same ear to some other name , in order to do that I need to know the existing name of the created ear. How can I retrieve that?