How do I set JVM options for GradleWorkerMain?

When I set ‘GRADLE_OPTS’ or ‘JAVA_OPTS’, these are set for ‘GradleWrapperMain’ when I run ‘./gradlew build’ for my project. But I need them to be set for ‘GradleWorkerMain’ as well.

How do I do that?

Here’s the ‘ps’ listing when that Gradle job is running in Bamboo. My ‘JAVA_OPTS’ (such as ‘-Dcool.opt=1’) is missing from ‘GradleWorkerMain’.

53854 ? Sl 2:13 /home/apps/jdk7/bin/java -Dorg.gradle.daemon=false -Dcool.opt=1 -Xms1g -Xmx8g -XX:PermSize=256m -XX:MaxPermSize=768m -Dorg.gradle.appname=gradlew -classpath /path/to/gradle/wrapper/gradle-wrapper.jar org.gradle.wrapper.GradleWrapperMain build
54272 ? Sl 0:19 /home/apps/jdk1.7.0_45/bin/java -Dfile.encoding=ISO-8859-1 -cp /path/to/lots/of/jars.jar org.gradle.process.internal.launcher.GradleWorkerMain

Why do you need this? Which bigger goal are you trying to achieve? Can you give a concrete example?

The reason is rather stupid in my case: GradleWorkerMain processes sometimes hang on my build server. I’d like to have something to grep for when I kill it. I can’t just kill all GradleWorkerMain processes since this is a shared build server. So a ‘-Dbamboo.buildKey=${bamboo.buildKey}’ would do the trick.