How do I resolve a set of files relative to a directory

The ‘project.files’ method is really useful for most cases, but is there an easy way of doing the same for another directory?

What I would like is maybe something akin to

project.resolveFiles( 'src/parent/dir', 'a','b','c/d/e' )

It should resolve ‘src/parent/dir’ against ‘projectDir’ first and then ‘a’, ‘b’ and ‘c/d/e’ against the returned directory. The final returned ‘FileCollection’ should not contain ‘sr/parent/dir’ on it’s own.

Turns out I can achieve this via

project.fileTree('src/parent/dir').filter { File f ->
  ['a','b','c/d/e'].find { String s -> f.path.endsWith(s) } != null

Not sweet, but serves the purpose for the time being