How do I get the CodeNarc plugin to find

I’m using Gradle 2.2.1 and CodeNarc 0.22. I have a class that I need to suppress a check on. According to the CodeNarc documentation I need to put the suppression in a file in CodeNarc’s classpath. When I run the build I see this message:

RuleSet configuration properties file [] not found.

I’ve looked through Gradle documentation and source but haven’t figured out how to configure the build to find my file. Can anybody lend a hand?

Thanks, Ron

It’s usually easier to use a codenarc ruleset file (either xml or groovy, you can use one of the starter rulesets if you want to initially run all rules) and pass the file location to ‘configFile’ property of ‘codenarc’ extension, e.g. ‘codenarc.configFile = file(“path/to/rulesets.groovy”)’.