How do i create a local maven/ivy repository and fill it?

hi, i am going to give a presentation on gradle, but there is no internet access.

is it possible to make a local repository and fill it with what i will need?


The simplest approach might be to use a flat directory resolver

I’d probably just try to exercise all tasks you are planning to run during the presentation from home. That would resolve all required dependencies. After that you can run your build with the –offline flag. Another option would be to simply record the demos and show the videos during the presentation.

how would i populate it initially?

that would work for me. but i was hoping to allow people in the audience to run the code examples. can i copy the caches? are they in ~/.gradle and ~/.m2?

That would be ‘~/.gradle’.

I’d write a task of type ‘Copy’ that uses the relevant configuration to download all dependencies to a directory. I am sure you’ll find many examples in the forum.

Here is an example of doing it for unitests