How do i add precompiled jar library with resources

how do i add precompiled jar library with resources?

As i see in the library inside have all resources with ids=0. When does remapping to real ids happen?

android.content.res.Resources$NotFoundException: String resource ID #0x0
07-30 05:49:54.587  5210  5210 E AndroidRuntime:     at android.content.res.Resources.getText(

What instruction for gradle should be done for that?

That sounds more like a question to some Android community.
I’m not sure how it is related to Gradle. :slight_smile:

to make question more gradle specific, library is imported via placing it in libs subdirectory of build.gradle file. Maybe, we should have extra instructions to import resources properly?

Here is documented how you add a local file on disk as dependency: Declaring dependencies